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Is this the worst plot twist ever?

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Is this the worst plot twist ever?

Mensagempor gabrielantonio » 21 Abr 2018, 08:53


it's from kind of a mystery/puzzle game. These characters were abducted and put into a sort of torture game. One of the prevailing mysteries is who is behind the whole thing. There is a spattering of clues throughout the game so you are trying to figure out who it could be the whole time. Could it be the plucky kid with a bucket on his head? Or could it be the cold and emotionless woman wearing enough clothes for 1/3 of an outfit? NO! Surprise! It was a comatose old man in a wheelchair that was conveniently off camera the whole game and nobody ever directly mentioned! Seriously. He was with them the entire game. The only one who didn't know was the player. He was right there, and presumably they were wheeling him around the whole time! But the player never sees him because the camera never looks at him, and none of the other characters ever actually talk about him for some reason.He wasn't hiding, he wasn't in disguise, he wasn't even invisible, he was just... off screen.

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